Black Rain Signature Pepper Blend

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Get the most from your Black Rain mill with our Signature Pepper Blend. We start with the finest Tellicherry Garbled Extra Bold peppercorns, then add a bit of a special spice which boosts the complexity and adds a little more heat. We think it’s the best-tasting black pepper you can buy.

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6 reviews for Black Rain Signature Pepper Blend

  1. Greg

    As a professional chef and restaurant owner, I can’t emphasize enough how important the right seasoning is for a dish. Grinding 5-year-old, inexpensive pepper corns in your pepper grinder at home gets you the most basic, mild pepper in your dishes. If you upgrade your seasonings, you upgrade the dish. The mix in the Black Rain pepper blend is like no other pepper I’ve ever tasted. Fragrant and peppery without being spicy – very unique among the various types of pepper available today. Whoever created this blend knew what they were doing.

  2. Busey Greg

    I have both the black rain and the white rain and I would never be without them. These are amazing products and you will be happy with them.

  3. Robert Bergstrom

    Great stuff

  4. Bob Bergstrom

    Great stuff

  5. Robert Bergstrom

    Great stuff

  6. Virginia Johnson

    Love these so much, I have purchased 5 1/2 sets for my sons and their families;and now I’m ordering 3 10oz bags for them also. My Engineer sons and my grandson are totally Impressed with the design.

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