Black Rain Precision Pepper Mill

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Dispense a high volume of fresh ground pepper, at exactly the grind you want, with one hand. Black Rain makes fresh pepper as easy as pushing a button.

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25 reviews for Black Rain Precision Pepper Mill

  1. Darrell H.

    Received my Black Rain Peppermill five days ago and already it is becoming the most used item in my kitchen! I took it with me to share with some of my “foodie” friends at a dinner party over the weekend and they couldn’t stop talking about it (and of course using it). Super sturdy, fits great in my hand, and puts the pepper right where I want it. The ability to choose a preferred grind makes seasoning any dish a breeze. And that exclusive peppercorn blend that come with my Black Rain- in a word- Incredible! Beyond happy I made this purchase, can’t wait for the summer grilling season to really give this baby a workout.

  2. Robert Bergstrom

    A couple of days ago I received my “black rain” pepper grinder. How great to purchase an item that is better than expected. After a few days I can state that This kitchen necessity offers convenience, simplicity and it does a better job of grinding peppercorns to various sizes than any other grinder that I have ever used. Extremely pleased!!

  3. Colin Trethewey

    I love pepper and I have never loved pepper more since I bought my Black Rain Precision Pepper Mill! Amazing! From the moment you pick it up you feel the high-quality, it’s solid and feels substantial. It’s very easy to use, holding in one and with one finger push button. I love the LED light so I can see how much pepper is coming out (which is a lot, and fast!), and the consistent coarseness is great… plus the Black Rain brand pepper is delicious! I actually find myself using less salt and hot sauce because of the flavor of the pepper. I also love the high volume of pepper on all my food. I will never have to crank an old school pepper grinder again. This is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone who likes high quality products, preps food and loves pepper!

  4. Ray Lampe, Dr. BBQ

    I’ve bought, used and forgotten many pepper grinders in my life but this one is a keeper. It’s easy to use and puts out a consistent grind for light use, but it’ll grind a large amount quickly as well for big recipes. I honestly use fresh ground pepper more since I have it because it’s so simple. No guessing on the grind size either. There are 5 settings that are easily switched out. Fine to really coarse at the flip of a switch. It’s well made a nice addition to any kitchen.

  5. Debbie Heuga


  6. DH


  7. Ross Sexter

    Wow!! This is a pepper lovers dream come true. I have tried every grinder I could get my hands on and this is the first one I can highly recommend. From the minute I opened the box the experience was top notch. The unit is so solid and well made. It just feels awesome in your hand. I filled it up and started grinding and have not stopped. The grind is so accurate and repeatable. I love that I have true indexed settings and I can choose what works best for what Im cooking or eating. The light is just an extra bonus to see what I have laid down on my food. The blend that comes with the unit is some of the best pepper I have had. My wife usually frowns on my purchases but she has fallen in love with this Black Rain grinder and loves it as much as I do. Hope we don’t need one for each of us. I have shared the unit with other pepper lovers I know too.

  8. Jeff B

    We just ordered 25 of them for client gifts this year for the Holidays. Really excited to find a gift that will be used and appreciated all year long besides a bottle of wine!

  9. John G

    I was just complaining last month after plastic pieces from our cheap pepper grinder was found in my soup! We have gone thru a plethora of pepper mills over the years and was continually disappointed. We recently received the Black Rain pepper mill as an early Christmas gift. Wow! This is a truly welcome addition to our kitchen. We are foodies and I cannot think of a better product to add to the kitchen arsenal. It exceeds all of my expectations! Well done Jimmy Olmes for this amazing product!

  10. Bob G

    We have been using the same manual turkish coffee grinder as our peppermill for over 30 years and recently purchased the Black Rain due to its easy one-handed operation. While Black Rain well delivered for the one-hand operation, the adjustable grind feature was an unexpected benefit…allowing us to easily tailor the grind size to match our needs. Great ergonomic feel in the hand, solid construction…we expect to be using this for years to come!

  11. Lee Fraser

    I bought this for my 92-year-old pepper-loving father, but I use it even more than he does. My favorite thing is being able to stir a pot or turning a raw roast while grinding pepper on the food! My package did not contain peppercorns, alas. Looking forward to White Rain! Thank you, Ray Lampe, for turning me on to this!

  12. Todd H

    I took a chance on purchasing the black rain pepper mill. I have been through many different types of pepper mills and have been disappointed with most of them. That being said, I’ve been using the black rain mill for a couple of months now and am very impressed with it’s performance. It’s a stronger grinder than I thought it would be and I’ve only charged it once since I received it. This is an item that I use several times a day. The other day my wife said she thought something was wrong with the mill, wasn’t given any pepper. I grabbed it in disbelief and pressed the button, no pepper. I looked a little more closely…. it was out of pepper corns. My only regret about the purchase is that I only bought one!

  13. Brenen H

    Not gonna lie, this thing is AWESOME. I love the look and feel of this kitchen tool, but it is without question the most consistent and easy to use pepper grinder I’ve ever used. It’s not cheap, but it is worth EVERY PENNY. I can’t wait for the White Rain Salt grinder.

  14. Donald C Smith

    I love my BLACK RAIN Grinder. It is very well built, solid and works very well. I have owned other electric grinders before and was a little gun shy to try another grinder. The cost was a little high but the quality of the Black Rain grinder is beyond compare.

  15. Busey Greg

    This is truly an amazing product. The special formulated pepper is terrific and I love the fact that just the right amount of pepper can be used every time.

  16. Richard Blackman

    A spinal cord injury makes it hard for me to use both hands to operate a conventional pepper mill. I can use the Black Rain one-handed easily. I like the different grinds that it puts out with a simple adjustment. I do find that I have to shake it around a bit sometimes to get the grinding to start – the only “complaint” that I have! If you like ground peppercorns this is the machine to have.

  17. Rick G.

    What an amazing device. The effort to perfect ergonomics was time well spent. Just a marvelous, solid feel shaped perfectly for a single hand. Easy to use thumb button nice and soft to touch. The detents for coarseness are stable, but still easy enough to switch in a moment from fine for kids at table to grossly coarse like I use for grilling. Through crowd funder I got a black one for me and a silver one for my married son but now that I see that RED is also an option, I may decide I need one in the kitchen all the time. So… all hail Black Rain!

  18. Alan G

    Wow, this pepper mill comes in a very cool package, and works great. Very sturdy, and easy to use. I love this.

  19. Charles

    The black rain pepper grinder has found its way to Switzerland. At first, I felt it was a bit heavy in my hand, but while using it feels superb and quality loaded. I think this product has been made for many years of usage In our kitchen. Friends want this pepper grinder for their home, but I’m not going to tell them where to purchase it unless Black Rain will provide me with a similar mill product for salt. Pepper & Salt are always together like twins.

  20. Jim Barbour

    I have waited a while before creating a review, so that I could actually have some experience with the Black Rain mill before passing judgement on it. I am quite impressed with the quality of the product itself, attention to fit and finish is above what is normally expected in items of this sort, and the ease and power of the grinding mechanism itself are top notch.

    If I were to change one thing it would be to add an even finer grind to the selection available. Occasionally when cooking a very fine grind is desired, even finer than the smallest one available. Certainly not a problem as the grind selection available is excellent; it just could be improved with a smaller small-end.

    Regarding the pepper itself, I have every intention of buying more as needed – which is the best compliment I can offer. Very well done.

  21. MIchael Garbedian

    The Black Rain Pepper Mill is a fantastic addition to my kitchen. The sleek design and high quality materials make it a durable and stylish choice. The grinding mechanism is smooth and efficient, producing a consistent grind every time. The adjustable grind settings allow for flexibility in seasoning, making it perfect for both fine and coarse pepper. The clear acrylic viewing window makes it easy to see when it needs to be refilled. Overall, I highly recommend the Black Rain Pepper Mill.

  22. As a professional chef and restaurant owner, I know my way around all types of pepper mills. This thing is the real deal. Powerful, precise and one-handed operation make it my choice at home and in my restaurants.

    Worth every penny!

  23. Samuel Herndon

    The Black Rain Pepper Mill delivers the perfect amount of pepper for my dishes! The weight alone make one feel like they are using a high-quality tool, rather than a haphazard plastic grinder that came free with a dish set. This is, hands down, THE best pepper mill I have ever used, and the pepper blend that comes with it has now become a co-star in many of my dishes I never even used pepper in before! In my kitchen, it’s usually a little cloudy, but now there is always a 100% chance of Black Rain.

  24. Robert T (verified owner)

    The Vitamix of pepper grinders. I absolutely love it. Also impressed by how quickly I received it. Beautifully packaged. Well done.

  25. Marc solovy (verified owner)

    Unquestionably the finest mill I have ever used. Simple to use and puts the pepper where you want it, nothing more nothing less. Worth every penny. I’m going to give them out as gifts

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