The Evolution of the Pepper Mill

Black Rain is designed to quickly dispense fresh ground pepper with one hand, at the exact grind you want, every time. No cranking, adjusting or tightening required.

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Solid Aluminum Body Contains High Torque Motor and High Energy Lithium Battery
Five Indexed Grind Settings from Fine to Extra Coarse
One Button Easily Dispenses Pepper
Press & Twist to Easily Refill 2 oz Hopper
Window to Quickly View Fill Level

90 sec. Video Tells you Everything (or scroll down to keep reading)

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Black Rain costs a bit more and regular pepper mills aren’t THAT hard to use, right? But,  use our mill just once, and every other grinder seems like an antique.

One Hand Operation

Stir, toss, or mix while you're adding pepper. Who knew a free hand could be so useful?

Repeatable Precision Grind

With most grinders, you have to fiddle with a knob, then test to see your grind. Our indexes give you predictable settings.

Built-in LED Lighting

It's nice to see how much pepper you're dispensing. Our bright LEDs come on whenever the mill is grinding.

Even Application

Manual grinders start and stop dispensing as you grind. Our pepper delivery is beautifully consistent.

High Pepper Volume

It's called Black Rain for a reason. Grind enough pepper to rub a 15 lb. brisket in under a minute.

Built to Last

Sure the aluminum shell is strong, but every component can be serviced to ensure a lifetime of use.

Easy to Use

Just three easy steps to effortless, perfect, fresh ground pepper.

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Charge It

Simply plug the included cable into any USB charger - Black Rain will run for years of typical use on a single charge.

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Fill It

Fill the hopper with your favorite peppercorns. We highly recommend Tellicherry Extra Bold for the best flavor.

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Grind It

Just press the top button, and fresh ground pepper begins to dispense instantly, at the exact grind you have set.

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High Torque and Energy

The key to Black Rain's outstanding performance is a high-torque motor paired with a modern, high-energy Lithium battery. This combination provides plenty of power to quickly grind even the toughest peppercorns, and will run for years of typical household use on a single charge.

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A Bright Addition

With all the power provided by the modern Lithium cell, we were able to add an array of very bright LEDs that power up automatically whenever the mill is in use. This makes it easy to see where and how much pepper is being dispensed, regardless of ambient light. No more surprises when you take that first bite.

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Repeatable Grind Settings

One of the most frustrating aspects of most pepper mills is the tension screw to adjust the grind. Switching from fine to coarse requires trial and error, and the grind tends to change as you use the mill. We've eliminated the problem with five indexed settings. Get the same grind every time, from fine to extra coarse.

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Recharge Reminder

With as long as the battery in a Black Rain mill lasts, we don't expect anyone to remember the last time the unit was charged. So, the mill will remind you with a red LED that illuminates when about 20 minutes of run time remains. Plug in the USB cable within a few days and your Black Rain mill is always ready to use.

And Now a Word from Our Founder...


Need more details? Well, here you go - all the specifications we can share without giving you a job first.


7 inches / 177.5mm


22.4 oz. / 635 grams

Output – Fine (5 secs.)

± 3/4 tsp. / 3 grams

Diameter – Top

2 inches / 50.8mm

Hopper Volume

2 oz. / 57 grams

Output – Coarse

± 1 1/2 tsp. / 6 grams

Diameter – Bottom

2.62 inches / 66.5mm

Battery Life (continuous)

6 hrs. fine / 8 hrs. coarse

LED Brightness

138 Lumens (yes, it’s bright)

Expected MSRP is $249. Join our pre-launch email list to access special early-bird pricing as low as $129. 


Here’s a roadmap of our product development to highlight the milestones from the initial concept to first delivery.

APR 2021

Design & Engineering

JULY 2021

Prototype Ordered

SEPT 2021

First Prototype

DEC 2021

Second Prototype

JAN 2022


APR 2022

Production Tooling

JUNE 2022

Pre-production Samples

JULY 2022

Crowdfunding Campaign

SEPT 2022

Production Testing & Q.C.

NOV 2022

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